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Reboot your Programming and Unlock Your Fullest Potential: Mind-Scripts

Warning: Without wise discretion, the ideas shared below can produce negative outcomes. If you are not comfortable utilizing these methods by yourself, find a professional. If you need help finding a professional who aligns with you, reach out to Arts of Thought for guidance.

What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? What is your internal script like? Does it encourage you to achieve more, or does it stunt your growth? Are you happy and content, or frequently miserable?

Your internal script is the force that propels you through life. It can lead you to success and contentedness, or to destruction. Without proper attention, your internal script can steer you into places you may not have chosen. Or, they can be your greatest asset in launching you towards your goals and dreams.

In this article, you will be able to explore the fundamentals of “mind-scripts,” so you can utilize their powerful force to unlock your fullest potential. Here, you will be able to form a basic understanding of how mind-scripts operate, and take away a few ideas on how you can edit yours for your greatest benefit.

Your Mind’s Core Programming

Deep within your awareness, buried within your unconscious mind, exists your default programming. This programming is the generator of all of your life experiences. The energy behind this programming is subtle, yet fuels a powerful engine that guides your life path.

On a fundamental level, the circumstances that you presently find yourself in are a product of your own programming. You are hugely responsible for attracting the life experiences that you are presently in. Whether your circumstances are positive or negative, a major factor in why you experiencing theses things are your mind-scripts.

For example, you may hold a belief that you are terrible at writing. Every time you sit down to type something a thought may arise reminding you that you are terrible at writing. This is a default program, or mind-script that you have picked up and adopted into your character. This script may have been planted in your early years without your conscious consent. Despite being many years away from that event, this mind-script has taken root and is still running its program.

Whether these mind-scripts are positive or negative, they have a major impact on your life path.

The importance of addressing these mind-scripts is great. Your mind-scripts are what shape and form your life experience. If left unattended, they can lead to all kinds of damages. Though inversely, if you are able to identify and master the editing of your mind-scripts, you will be able to unlock a master-key for reaching your fullest potential.

Self Reflection Exercise: Set a 3 minute timer on your phone, and close your eyes. Explore the feelings that you are presently experiencing. Are they positive, filled with fear, or self-consciousness? Are they reminding you that you are lacking abundance, or should be fearful and anxious about tomorrow? Write down a few thoughts that you believe to be negative, they will be addressed later in this article.

Dangerous Programming

When you begin looking into your default programming, you may begin to realize that many of these programs are holding you back from your fullest potential. These mind-scripts might be telling you that you are unattractive, unintelligent, not capable or unworthy. These mind-scripts may be so foundational to your character, that they may have been operating in your full awareness as “truth.”

You can notice the direct effects of your default programming in your physical reality. Mind-scripts reveal themselves as their physical equivalent. Whether the evidence shows in your physical form, or in relationships, or how you interact with the world, they are there. Once you are aware of mind-scripts, you can develop an eye for their physical equivalents.

For example, if you hold the script of “I am unhealthy,” your body may show evidence of this script by being overweight, which is caused by a diet that is not conducive of a healthy body- if your script is that of someone who is unhealthy, you will be more inclined to dismiss actions that would lead to a healthier and more efficient body. Dangerous scripts exist in everyone, but the good news is that you can identify these scripts and edit them to produce a more fruitful and abundant life.

The Good News, Flipping the Script

After you have worked to identify your core programming, or mind-scripts, you can begin doing the work of editing your mind-scripts into exactly how you want them. Often times a very negative mind-script will become the most powerful force for good, as you can simply flip it into its direct inverse (I am fully incapable = I am fully capable).

The practice of flipping a mind-script into its inverse is actually quite simple, though it does take repetition. For example, when you flip the mind-script of “I am poor” into “I have access to abundant resources,” simply recognize every time that you have a “poverty thought” and replace it with an “abundance thought.” This might look like catching the thought of “I am so worried about losing my job,” to “I am looking forward to my inevitable promotion.”

The practice of adopting these new scripts into your core programming can take practice. With consistent repetition, you will be able to do this naturally and rapidly. As you bring in a new mind-script, or edit a current one, you will need to digest it fully and ensure that it has been installed. With the methods shared below, you will get a feel for your own ability at doing this.

By flipping mind-scripts, you are making room in your reality for positive changes, whilst simultaneously shutting doors for more negative ones. These edited mind-scripts will lead you to experiences that reflect your new default programming, and provide further evidence for this psychic relationship between your mind and your life path and experiences.

Installing and Deleting Scripts (Imagination)

Flipping scripts is a powerful tool, however you also have the ability to edit your mind-scripts by adding or deleting new ones.

In order to do so, you will need to identify your precise desires. The practice of identifying what you truly want can be challenging, though there are a few effective methods that will assist you in identifying your precise desires.

The primary faculty that you need to employ in identifying your precise-desires is imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool that you have at your disposal to dream up and construct your ideal life. Imagination is the force of genesis for all of your potential. You may have not exercised your imagination in a while, but you can always build it back up.

In order to add and edit scripts, you will need to identify a goal or objective, so you can tailor your scripts around the accomplishment of your goal. A simple practice for this is imagining yourself in 1 year. Imagine exactly how you want to look, the characteristics that you embody, how other people might see you. After you have imagined your ideal self (physique, spiritual qualities, traits,etc), place yourself in a home and notice where you are living. Imagine your friends, how you interact with their community, the car you drive, your family’s happiness, your occupation and income level, etc..

As this vision will not happen instantly, you will need to continuously return to it and shape it as a sculptor until it resonates fully with you. For more help in using your imagination to sculpt your most ideal life, read this article.

Following the example in relation to adding and deleting scripts, you can identify certain attributes of your vision that you wish to one day see in reality. If you were to visualize your future self as someone who is physically fit, you can add the script “I am physically fit and I work out consistently in order to maintain my physique.” Even if you do not presently have a consistent workout routine, you can still install this script and begin living it out. In doing so, you have installed the programming for actualizing your 1-year vision.

A Mystical Interpretation of Mind-Scripts

As you’ve explored, mind-scripts have a tremendous impact on your life’s circumstances. There even seems to be a degree of “magic” in mind-scripts, and you can experience this magic for yourself. These feelings of “magic” often come in the form of exhilarating synchronicities.

For example, you may flip your mind-script of “I am useless” into “I provide great benefit for my community,” and once you do, random opportunities may begin (seemingly from nowhere) to appear that lead you closer to aligning with this goal. You may bump into someone randomly at the park who gives you a chance to lead a community outreach event. This chance encounter would be considered a synchronicity, and could even feel magical.

A more metaphysical theory on why mind-scripts work so well is the idea of the void. This theory of the void works something like this: if you imagine your most ideal life and install the corresponding mind-scripts, it will create an energetic void that nature will be forced to fill. In the filling of this void, your vision will begin flooding in as water into a vacuum. Mind-scripts are the creators of this vacuum and will pull you in the direction that you orient them.

Regardless of how exactly mind-scripts work, they have a provable effect that you can test for yourself. The results may not come instantaneously, though you will quickly see the fruits of their reality. The evidence of their reality will come as slight wins, or slight and incremental improvements towards your goal.

Methods to change your default programming, editing your Mind-Scripts

The 3 methods listed below can serve as a foundational layer for beginning the work of editing your mind-scripts. Once you have mastered the 3 methods below, you can add your own style and preferences for confronting your unconscious.

  1. Meditation, the Foundation.

    Meditation is a simple practice of sitting quietly and reaching a point of stillness within your being- sort of like setting a shaken up snow globe down and letting the snow rest. With meditation, you can both identify and begin editing your mind-scripts. As you sit quietly, you can consciously sort through your mind-script-files and sort them out.

    Meditation also aids in the cultivation of your vision and imagination. You can incorporate active imagination into your meditation routine to sculpt your vision and all the goal that compose that vision.

    Meditation is the umbrella practice for employing other secondary methods of identifying and editing your mind-scripts. As you meditate and become more acquainted with your default programming, you will more easily be able to make edits and changes to tune your mind as you’d like. The ability to rest your consciousness and explore your own mind will prove to be beneficial as you begin taking control of your own mind.
  1. Hypnosis, the Programmer.

    Another method of editing your mind-scripts is hypnosis. Hypnosis is a method that is often utilized in the therapeutic practices in psychology, and has also been credited by many famous individuals for their success. Hypnosis is a powerful practice that can either be done by yourself, or with the help of a professional.

    Apart from the common stereotype, hypnosis is an evidence-backed practice- it is a method of addressing and reprogramming the unconscious mind to better serve the individual. Hypnosis is a great example of reprogramming mind-scripts, and is perhaps the most potent practice for doing so. You can learn more about hypnosis here: an article written by a professional psychologist who has used hypnosis very successfully in her practice.
  1. Action, the Medium between Mind and World.

    As you begin editing and installing your mind-scripts, it is important that you put the effort in to “fill the void.” If you are ambitious and desire loftier goals, be aware that your physical efforts will be in direct proportion to these goals. Do not be afraid to set you goals very high, just be sure to add the physical inputs when the time is required.

    Pulling from the previous example, if you desire to be healthy, you will need to follow the lead of your new mind-script. Simply thinking things into existence will not happen, you need to add the required input for attaining your goal. Do not worry about how to find the correct physical inputs, your path will be shown to you after you install the new script (like water rushing into the void). When synchronicities begin to appear, be sure to act on them consistently. Motivation will come along the way, especially when you begin seeing hints that you are getting closer to your vision.

    Action is the medium between the mind and the physical world. The inputs that you put into the physical world, will be reflected back at you in equal proportion. You do not need to consciously seek direction regarding which physical inputs to place, the actions you need to take will arise from your subconscious mind as a form of wisdom. The most fundamental step in moving towards a goal, is setting your default programming correctly, everything else will be added.


You are able to regain full control of your mind and unlock your unlimited potential. You are able to forge your own paths and actualize the life that you would be most proud of. A foundational practice to begin shaping your life according to your will, is editing your mind-scripts.

Mind-Scripts are a representation of your core or default programming, the words or code that exist in your unconscious mind, whether positive or negative. These mind-scripts are the “code language” of your unconscious mind, and are the engine that steers your life how they may. You have the ability to edit your mind-scripts and set compass towards the life that you make you the most content. With the understanding and practices shared above, you will be able to do so, and reap the endless rewards of taking back control of your mind.

Have you had any results with editing your mind-scripts? Please share your experience below.

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