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Reclaiming Your Mind: Are You Ready?

The mind is a fascinating thing, it is the shaper of your life experience. It contains many powers, both positive and negative. You can utilize it to achieve your dreams, or it can lead to your destruction.

In this article, we will explore ways that you can reclaim your mind, and utilize it at its fullest potential- not only to achieve your dreams, but to have more peace, better relationships, and overall serenity. You are the captain of your life experience, and you have the power to shape it however you’d like.

Reclaiming Your Mind

I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind, and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want, and much more than I need. But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest.

Andrew Carnegie

You have access to the universe’s most powerful force of creation. It is your right to reclaim every ounce of potential that exists in your mind. And not only is it your right, it is your duty for yourself, your family and those you influence.

Are you ready to begin your work?

If so, this article will provide an introductory guide on how to get started with reclaiming your mind, as well as provide a gauge for those who have already embarked upon this journey.

Before you we started, you can quickly measure your capacity for control over your mind.

Here is a quick exercise to do so:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit, free from distractions
  2. Set a timer for 2 minutes on your phone
  3. Clear your mind and focus on your breath until the timer goes off

Were you able to focus on your breath for the full 2 minutes? Or did you find that even in this short period of time, your mind ran off like a wild mustang?

reclaim your mind

The Wild Mustang Mind

Your wild mustang (mind) has tremendous power, yet it is running free without reigns. How beneficial would it be for you to befriend this horse, and harness its full energy to achieve your goals and dreams?

If you are like the majority of us, you were never taught about the magnificence and power of your own mind. In school, you were taught to sit, listen and ask for permission. You were taught to memorize, and regurgitate information for tests. Most likely, you were never taught about the magnificence and power of your own mind.

Why Is this? Perhaps it is dangerous for a population to have access to this knowledge, the power to shape your life and mold it as an intentional sculptor. To free yourself from the matrix, and separate from grids of control that have existed for thousands of years. If you gain control of your mind, it is not good for those who wish to control your energy, and plug you into their vision.

Regardless of the reason, it remains critical that you reclaim control of the greatest tool life has given you, your mind- for the good of yourself, your family, friends and humanity as a whole.

If you were unable to sit for 2 minutes without your mind wandering, that is ok and extraordinarily normal. If you think about it, 2 minutes is a short time in the context of your entire life. How much are you missing out on? Nonetheless, there are some very basic and research-backed methods that you can begin using today to reclaim control of your mind.


I sit, to remember who I am.

Anonymous Zen Master

Meditation is a simple practice that provides results even after your first session. Meditation will provide you with an anchor, a place to go when things get rough. Meditation is a friend that is more than happy to serve as your guide, and wise refiner.

Meditation does not need to be complicated, the fundamental practice is actually very simple. When done consistently, it will lead to many miraculous benefits. Though in this context, the focus is on meditation’s ability to give you more control and symbiosis with your mind.

In a sense, meditation is the most trustworthy practice to “break” your wild mustang mind. Meditation is the practice of sitting upon, and working with your mustang, to find more peace and symbiosis. The more you meditate, the more your mustang will be at peace and controllable.

Eventually, you will be able to keep this wild mustang in the stable, only to be called out when needed. A powerful friend, and a force that can be aimed by your intentions and purpose.

Know Thyself

Man know thyself; the thou shalt know the Universe and God


As you work to reclaim your mind, you will find that layers of conditioning begin to fall away. Years of schooling, institutional indoctrination, being confined in small spaces, forced to learn things you are not interested in, asking for permission, etc..

With all of this conditioning, you may have forgotten your true essence. It is vital to get to know yourself the best you can. The more you become acquainted with yourself, the more you will understand the direction you need to move in.

Knowing yourself is no easy feat. There are many forces that work against your uncovering of this knowledge: other’s opinions, imagined societal obligations, and above all, FEAR.

You must strive to get to know yourself, you are a one-of-a-kind creation with all sorts of gifts that many may not even know about, because you have never given them a chance to blossom.

There are many practices you can employ to get to know yourself better, here are a few:

Meyers Briggs Personality Test: This is a trustworthy personality assessment, and arguably the best. It is even used by the CIA for the quick and in-depth profiling of individuals. This test will give you a strong glimpse into your inner-workings, and even justify your quirks. (click here to take free test, no email required).

Dream Journaling: Dream Journaling is a tremendously powerful practice for getting to know your subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud said that the mind is like an ice-berg, and the conscious mind is only the visible peak, the rest is the subconscious mind.

Dream journaling is not easy at first, but it is something that can be developed, like working out a muscle. You will surely uncover many unique truths that are rooted in your subconscious mind. This will lead to unique fruits that you may have not actualized otherwise.

Active Imagination: This book is a great intro to practicing active imagination. This practice was originally born of Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic process. It is a very potent revealer of the subconscious mind. Take caution with this one, and it would be best to find a professional who can help you on this practice if you decide to utilize it, as it can get out of control without proper guidance.

Writing: A simple and highly effective method of getting to know yourself is journaling. This journaling can be in any form: writing your goals down, reflecting on your day, projecting on your day ahead, or even just writing pages about your ideal life. You will be surprised at what surfaces!

Speak with Another: Next time you are invited to lunch with an acquaintance, say yes! Converse with someone, as getting to know them, is getting to know your own relationship with humanity. The way you perceive others, will provide great insights into how you perceive yourself.

*Seek Solitude: Retreat into solitude for as long as possible. This is a practice of the ancient wise men and women, which has existed for centuries, throughout nearly all cultures. When you retreat into solitude, you will be forced to confront yourself.

But whenever you pray, go into your innermost chamber and be alone with Father God, praying to him in secret. And your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.

The Bible, Matthew 6:6-7

As you spend time with yourself, you will discover what you truly desire, are afraid of and where you want to be. Solitude is the brother of wisdom, and will reward you greatly.

As you retreat from the influence of others (this includes digital abstinence), you will become far more acquainted with yourself, and what you are and want to become. The influence of others will fall away, and this will leave you with a far clearer window into your own psyche.

Seek solitude! Whether this be only an hour a day of meditation and reflection in nature, or a year long retreat to some foreign land. Solitude is the greatest advice for becoming acquainted with yourself, your gifts, your mind and the vast energy that you have and can tune into.

With extensive practice in solitude, you may even begin to glimpse what Carl Jung deemed the Collective Unconscious. This Collective Unconscious is the mind that we all share, as one humanity, the base level fears/motivations/feelings/desires. With knowledge of the Collective Unconscious, you will find it far easier to relate with others, even those of completely different cultures and ways of life.

Focusing and Protecting Your Energy

As you begin to get acquainted with yourself through these practices, you will find that your life force/energy will begin to tune into a focused stream or river. This is a wonderful and powerful feeling, though it is sensitive and something to be protected.

In the later stages of this development, you may begin to strong forms of Soul Hunger, and might begin to feel tremendously uncomfortable in your current life circumstances. This may come in a desire to leave your job, change friend groups, change romantic partnerships, a distaste for previously loved media, changing tastes, or a desire to move physical locations. Here is an article with more detail on the symptoms of awakening.

These urges are normal, and it is strongly recommended that you listen to them. This is an awakening intuition, your friend, and guiding force. Listen to this intuition the best you can, and it will guide you to where you need to be.

Although the desire to make changes may become apparent, it is not always possible to change things right away. Thus, this new and sacred energy you found, needs to be protected and continuously cultivated.

Methods to Protect your Energy:

  • It is ok to say NO! When it comes to spending time with certain people, or in certain groups. If you decide that this time is not beneficial for your energy or self-development, you may withdraw from these groups.
  • Meditate continuously! It is vital that you carry on with a practice that builds your strength in maintaining control over your mind. Just a like a muscle, this ability can atrophy quite rapidly. You are at odds with the world, and it is constantly striving to knock you off your mustang. Stay present and wise, and you will retain control over your mind. Even if you are busy, you can meditate on the go!
  • Avoid life-force draining activities! life force draining activities include unwise sexual conduct, gluttony, lying, anger, jealousy and pride. It is best to remain quiet and calculated, and very aware of energy expenditures.

    If you do not believe in abstaining from these things, you can also experiment on your own. Get to a strong point, and then dabble in these mentioned activities, you should realize that they have a negative impact on your energy. Once realized, you will be even more motivated to be intentional about your activities and consumption.
  • Find a guide, or someone who understands and supports your path. This guide may come to you through Synchronicity, or may already be in your life. If you are blessed enough to find a guide, you are very fortunate. If not, they will come eventually, though for now, refer to the first few practices.
  • Clean up your intake! Both food and what you consume through your eyes and ears. Make sure everything that enters your brain is productive and conducive of growth (music, videos, reading, etc). It is also beneficial to clean your diet up and ensure you are eating the highest quality organic foods, as close to the natural source as possible. At the most elemental level, discontinue the ingestion of city water, and find a local source of Spring Water.
  • Be Intentional with your Speech. Let your Yes mean Yes, and your No mean No. If you say you will do something, make sure you do it. The more you can tune in your speech, the more productive and powerful you will become.

    Your word is not only a benefit for others’ trust, it is a benefit for your self-relationship. You can trust yourself, if you say it will be done, it will be done. This also has a negative impact on your energy if not refined, the more you lie to yourself, the less potent your energy will be.

Re-Emerge and Navigate

As you begin building your solid foundation in the reclamation of your mind, there will come a time when you will need to begin utilizing your newfound (natural) power.

You now have a powerful tool in your life experience that you can utilize anytime you need to. Your mustang is now your friend, a counterpart that can be kept in the stable until you need him. You have increased your capability for accomplishing your goals and dreams exponentially, and have now become a leader and consultant for your people.

In your reemergence from this path, you will be acquainted with yourself and the powers of your word and mind. Your intentions are now potent forces of creation, and will serve you in building your most ideal life.

The application of this new balance is up to you, and has become another tool for you to cultivate your dreams.

As a bow and arrow, your intentions will become the string, filled with potential energy. Your new job is to pick a target and shoot your arrows of intention at it with power and accuracy.

As you begin to navigate your life, it is important that you make clear your direction and what you want to accomplish. In order to stay oriented, and have a medium to use your mind at its fullest potential, you will need to have a clear vision of what you want in life.

In order to refine your vision for your ideal life, you can add this to your journaling practice– simply write your goals and dreams down, read them everyday, and refine them as they change, until you find a vision that you find idea.

In seeking an ideal vision, you can always consult your dreams, and where you feel most content in your dreams. This may be with certain people, in certain locations, playing certain sports, engaging in hobbies or traveling. Make notes of these things and add them to your goals list. This will provide you with more clues for your ideal life. Write them down, and work towards them!


Reclaiming your mind is an arduous yet powerfully rewarding process. You have the right and ability to reclaim control over all of your capacities, including your mind. It is possible to refine your control over your mind, as it was once an uncontrollable wild mustang. You can train your capability at controlling and working in symbiosis with this mustang.

As you foster more control over your mind, you will be able to work with it as a trustworthy friend, confident achiever and wise guide. This newfound control can be added to your tool-belt, for the tools that will help you build your most ideal life.

This article has provided a glimpse at some of the practices you can use to increase the power of your mind, though it is not exhaustive:

If you have any other ideas or practices that have helped you refine your mind, share them below!

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