6 Miraculous Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient exercise that can produce wonderful results for those who stay committed to its practice. The benefits of meditation include the cure for many of the sufferings we experience internally such as depression, anxiety, fear, feelings of being lost, and many other discontentments. The benefits of meditation also provide the practitioner with physical benefits as well such as a healthier immune system, more efficient digestion, lower blood pressure and even more vibrant skin!

Unlocking the benefits of meditation is surprisingly simple and can be done by anyone, for free! all you need is a timer (or a mala), a mind and your breath. Here is some motivation to start your meditation practice!

1. You will be more fun to be around

“There is no greater gift than your presence”- Thich Nhat Hanh

Did you grow up in a house where affection meant material gifts? Have you ever felt like someone was there, but wasn’t actually listening to you? It seems that the majority of us have forgotten how to be present. Due to so many distractions, It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain mentally present for even a few minutes.

Meditation is the practice of being present and having a calm mind. If you practice meditation, people will be naturally drawn to you, because you are able to be present with them. This simple presence is as refreshing as a mountain stream after a walk through the desert, you can be that stream for those you love. You would be surprised at how many people are in need of someone to be present with them. This is perhaps the most life-altering benefit of meditation!

2. Your spiritual life will blossom 

You do not have to be a Buddhist to unlock these benefits of meditation. Anyone, from any walk of life can practice meditation and unlock its benefits. Consistent practice in meditation will allow your mind to feel the natural rhythms of life and understand how everything is in relation to everything else. This benefit of meditation can help you serve people better, and make a stronger difference in people’s lives- a universal fruit that is welcomed in any religion.

You will get profound insight into the nature of reality. This will lead to more compassion for living creatures, more love for your family, a healthier relationship with your romantic partner, more profound enjoyment of life and feelings of blissfulness. All of these qualities can be applied in your spiritual practice, as your feelings of righteousness will not be forced but become an integrated and genuine part of your character.

People will notice something different about you, and become very curious as to how you got that way- this is a perfect time to share your faith.

benefits of meditation

 3. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body 

The majority of diseases are psychosomatic, or directly caused by the mind. The majority of diseases can also be cured by the mind. Many ancient and modern theories on health emphasize the importance of keeping a healthy and balanced mind. It is proven that stress is a leading cause of heart disease and premature death, so it is important to eliminate as much stress from your life as possible.

Meditation is a great way to ensure that your mind is working at maximum potential and maintaining a healthy state of homeostasis. Here is a study that was presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine in Chicago. This study shows how simple mindfulness meditation can significantly decrease stress and anxiety. This psychosomatic power, is indeed a strong contender in the top benefits of mediation.

4. A Beauty Secret

Meditation will make you more beautiful. It will brighten your eyes, rejuvenate your skin and promote hair growth. Just look at these before and after pictures of people who tried meditation! You can see how their faces became more radiant.

Have you ever met someone who always seemed to be glowing and full of energy? Mediation is a practice that increases your life force, which is the main energy behind a glowing and radiant aura. Meditation is the secret to beauty, but there are many more benefits of meditation as well!

 5. Creativity

If you are struggling to find inspiration for your next project, meditation can help. Deep meditative states put you in touch with your subconscious mind, this is where many of the greatest inventions, artwork and theories have come from. If you can tap into this, you will be able to create with much more power than before.

Meditation is great for the creative process and will increase your ability to focus on your work without distraction. Many of today’s greatest artists and influencers are practitioners of meditation, because they have come to understand meditations many benefits! You can see a list of famous people who have practiced meditation here. 

6. Mental Peace (The Miracle of Meditation) 

One of the most important benefits of meditation is mental peace. This is the tip of the pyramid in benefits that meditation can offer.

If you are struggling with any mental discomfort, meditation will help you. Whether it be anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak, loneliness, mental illness or addiction, I promise that meditation will set you on the right track. This is the miracle of meditation!

The simple act of sitting and focusing on your breath for 30 minutes a day will not only provide you with great physiological benefits, it will ultimately change the way you see the world. You can even share this newfound mental peace with other people so they can transcend their suffering too! There is no greater feeling than conquering your own internal world and breaking free from the chains you once lived in.

The benefits of meditation listed here are only a glimpse of what meditation has to offer. If you are interested in starting a practice of meditation you can begin with this step by step guide on how to start changing your life for the better. The practice of meditation doesn’t cost any money, only 30 minutes of your time a day. If you do decide to begin, please share your experience! Just leave a comment below!

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