7 Reasons Psychology Majors are the Best

If you are asking yourself, “is Psychology a good major?” you are in the right spot.

It is often said that majoring in psychology will not yield any long term benefits, along with many other myths regarding the subject. Majoring in psychology can be challenging, but it gives students great mental power and vast insight into life. Psychology majors are extremely well versed in math, writing, philosophy and the understanding of the human mind. This knowledge can easily translate into a very wide variety of careers. It is not uncommon to find successful psychology majors in business, politics, academia and medicine.

Psychology majors learn to see beyond the matrix and into the reality that makes us tick. They venture to the edge of sanity and swim in the depths of the unconscious. This journey is not for the feint hearted as it takes tremendous endurance to make it through to the end, but the rewards are worth it (and also come with a lot of responsibility).

Is Psychology a good major? Here are 7 reasons on why it is in fact, the most excellent major available.

1. Psychology Majors are Powerful.

One who understand the mind, is one who understands reality.

If you decide to major in psychology, you will quickly realize that psychological knowledge comes with a lot of responsibility.

Psychology majors gain tremendous insight into how the human mind functions. They also study all of its limitations and subsequently learn the ways in which it can be taken advantage of. This enables them to recognize the ways in which organizations around the planet are already harnessing these powers.

We need psychology majors, to make the world a better place.

2. Psychology Majors are fun to talk to.

No, we can’t read your mind by looking at you. But we can if you perform a few simple assessments! The average psychology major is very well versed in philosophy, science and methods of improving quality of life. These topics make for great conversations that can last a lifetime, so if you don’t major in psychology, the least you could do is marry a psychology major.

Are you curious as to what your dreams really mean, how you can increase your memory capacity, or why your sex life is falling apart? If so, go find a psychology major and ask them about it.

3. They are the Sexiest of all college majors. 

It is true that psychology students spend the most time of any major talking about sex. We even have a class on sex, called the Psychology of Human Sexuality! Who could be sexier than someone who knows everything there is to know about sex? Of course, psychology is the study of the mind, but if you have any experience being human you may have found out that sexuality is a big component of the human experience.

No question is off limits for the psychology major. This is why many college students who take an introductory psych course never want to take another one, it can get awkward! It is not unheard of to discuss the effects of porn on the human mind, the multiplicities of sexual perversions and why exactly it is that sex is such an alluring phenomena.

4. Psychology majors are understanding. 

Topics of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, equal opportunity and cultural diversity are typically topics that are avoided in everyday conversation- but not for the psychology major! These hot topics are discussed in nearly every psychology class, I can’t remember a class where I wasn’t forced to put a lot of thought into these sensitive issues. I even gave a presentation about the issues regarding white privilege. And as a white male, I definitely learned a lot.

You will be very well armed for the work world, you will see things that your managers don’t and will be able to offer critical insights that will help your organization run smoothly. This knowledge will probably even lead to promotions! 

5. They will make you feel better. 

Generally, psychology majors are sensitive and compassionate (except for the ones that went to the dark-side), as they have gained a lot of understanding into how we are all so similar to one another. They understand that life has a way of inflicting tremendous suffering on us, and they study this suffering in great detail. They even study the ways that people cope with suffering, and methods of helping them regain their composure. The majority of psychology majors are familiar with at least ten therapeutic methods for dealing with mental disturbances.

When you talk to a psychology major, you may get a strange feeling that they are actually listening to you. It’s because they are, and probably analyzing you too.

6. They can share their superpowers with you

Psychology majors spend a great amount of time studying the arts of persuasion. This forms of mind control is generally taught under the guise of “advertising.” Every psychology major is familiar with the subconscious mind, or the mind that we are unaware of which controls our behaviors and actions. This subconscious mind is very sensitive to subliminal programming and manipulation. Psychology majors understand how these interactions work and can usually recognize them in the world.

It is good to have a psychology major within your circle of friends, so they can defend you from the big bad brain washing monsters out there (they’re everywhere).

7. Psychology majors have hard skills too. 

Psychology majors are very well versed in statistics, mathematics and the scientific methods of research. These skills can easily translate into a vast array of careers. At least from my experience in college, psychology majors weren’t generally known for their love of mathematics, but we all understood why math is a necessary skill to have for uncovering interesting things about human behavior.

Galileo Galilei said that “mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe,” and psychology majors speak it fluently.

Just take a psychology class and see what you think. You may find it interesting or you may be so put off by the explicit nature of it that you decide to leave college all together and move to a Zen Monastery. Whichever the case, I hope that this is enough information to at least get you interested in having a conversation with a psychology major.

Ask them about the mind, I’m sure they will love to share what they know with you.


Here is the first text books I ever read on Psychology. These are the classes that got me forever hooked on Psychology, so maybe it will do the same for you.

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If you’re considering taking the route of becoming a Psychology Major, and are unsure, these textbooks will give you a great glimpse of the intellectual life of a psychology major.

Do you think psychology is a good major? Please leave a comment below.


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