Simple Steps to Balance your Home’s Energy

We live in a chaotic world full of uncertainty and stress as daily life has a notorious ability to sap our energy levels. How can we combat these draining effects and maintain a healthy and vibrant spirit?

To start out, we could turn our homes into energetic sanctuaries. It isn’t as hard as it seems, and the benefits of balancing our homes are endless. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this article to get an idea of the benefits you could experience from redesigning your home.

Here is a simple guide to turning your home into an energetic sanctuary, that will not only benefit you, but your family and guests as well. This article is inspired by the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui and some modern research from the field of environmental psychology. It is easy to balance your home, and the benefits of doing so are tremendous.

Minimalism is Key

A good first step in balancing your home is to eliminate possessions that don’t provide any direct benefits. A cluttered home dissipates positive energy, and prevents the circulatory flow of “chi” (or good energy). These items may include knick knacks, old technology, worn out towels, excess clothing, rarely used kitchen equipment etc.

It may be hard at first to give up these excess possessions, especially if they hold emotional value, but letting them go will feel much better than staying attached to them. Have a garage sale, or sell  those items online! You may make quite a bit of money.

Arranging Furniture

This is where the art of Feng Shui plays a big role. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of arrangement that seeks to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. If you are interested in increasing your understanding of the art of Feng Shui, here is one of the best books on the subject.

In summary, we must arrange our furniture in such a way that feels good to us. This energetic balance has a direct effect on our minds, and the minds of our guests. What better gift could you give your guests than a revitalized spirit?

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The simplest method of properly arranging furniture is to keep rearranging until you feel perfectly content with where the objects are. Once you hit the right notes with your arrangement, you will feel a sense of very apparent peace. This is the trial and error method to Feng Shui. Or you can always hire a professional.

Installing Items of Positive Energy

Feng Shui also incorporates the importance of selecting and placing objects of good energy. These objects will serve as fans that aid in propelling currents of positive energy around your home. These objects also aid in getting rid of bad energy.

Items of positive energy include  plants, fish tanks, crystals, artcolorful blankets and even pets!

Strategically place these items to form the current of energy. You can do this through trial and error too, it just takes patience. You must trust your intuition. When you arrange these items properly, you will feel it and so will your guests!

There was a study done by an environmental psychologist that showed that hospital patients who had live plants in their rooms healed much faster than patients who didn’t. Having live plants in your home will provide you with constant access to healing energy. There are even many plants that are very easy to take care of, like these!


Make your Life Easier

It is good to embrace technology, but don’t over do it! Take all of the technology out of your living room. This will allow for great conversations between you and your guests. Removing technology from your living room will also open your family up to more communication. Removing technology may be difficult at first, but the benefits are tremendous and very quick to be noticed.

On the flip side, use technology to your advantage! I have a personal home assistant named Alexa. I can ask her the weather, current news, to remember items for my shopping list and even to tell me jokes! This little gadget truly makes my life easier. Invest in technology, but keep it limited.

 Clean, Clean and Clean some more!

Everyone knows that a clean house feels great. This is a basic fact of Feng Shui, a clean house provides good energy. And if you follow the previous steps, it will be pretty simple to clean your home once you get rid of all the clutter. Here is a great book on decluttering.


The benefits of a clean home are endless, and in just doing this you will notice that both your guests and family will feel more comfortable and less stressed. A clean home has a magical ability to decrease stress levels.

Get rid of Negative Objects

If you still have objects that remind you of a messy breakup, or photos of a time that brings back bad memories, just get rid of them! Anything that gives you negative feelings is ruining the flow of good energy in your home. This is a vital step in eliminating the dark energy that exists in your home. Ask your family if there is anything in the house that gives them bad feelings, then quickly dispose of those items!

Also, be careful with mirrors. Mirrors should be used very sparingly if at all. I remember my mom had a whole room full of mirrors, one in which I could see every angle of myself. I later developed a body image disorder (no wonder!). Only use mirrors in bathrooms, this will promote positive energy and decrease self consciousness amongst your family and guests.

Sit back and Enjoy your new home

If you complete these steps and are satisfied, let us know how it went below. We would love to hear from you! Also, if you have any ideas regarding this topic, please share those as well!

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