7 Benefits of a Balanced Home

The importance of living in a stress free home is tremendously important, not only for physical health but for overall life satisfaction as well. Working to improve the energetic balance of your home will provide you with many benefits. These benefits have been acknowledged in both the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, and more recent research from the field of Environmental Psychology.

For those of you know how good it feels to declutter, you may derive similar feelings of positivity from balancing your home. This balancing includes fixing the emotional climate of your home, rearranging furniture for the best energetic flow and installing items of positive energy to propel the current of energy around your home.

If you are interested in the benefits of an energetically balance home, please read on. And if you would like a beginners guide to balancing your home, click here.

1. You Will be Happier. 

Balancing your home will provide you with a powerful station to recharge. You need to recharge your spirit, just as your cell phone needs to be recharged. Many of us know how it feels to come back to a home in a negative state of energy after a taxing day of work. If your home is messy or contains toxic familial tensions, you must work to fix these things as your health depends on it. If your home is balanced, your family will be more stable which will lead to a greater quality of life for everyone.

2. Your Guests Will Feel Recharged. 

If you enjoy hosting parties or having family over, what better gift could you give them than a recharged spirit? If your home is properly balanced your guests will subconsciously notice this and brighten in spirit. Many people fail to realize the power of the effects of environmental modifications on the mind. For example, restaurants dim their lights so guests will feel more sociable and hospital patients in rooms with plants heal much faster than those who don’t! You can harness these powers for yourself, if you haven’t already seen our beginners guide to balancing your home, click here!


3. You Will Attract Wealth. 

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, it is well know that balancing your home or business energetically will bring you almost supernatural benefits. One of the most desired benefits of Feng Shui is its ability to attract material wealth. It can be argued that this energetic balance is mystical and has supernatural abilities to harness the energies of the universe, but more likely these mystical benefits are based in the mind.

If your home is balanced and people feel good being there, they will tend to want to contribute to the positive atmosphere. And through decluttering, you will create space for what really matters and where focus should be placed. This is the same concept in a white walled art gallery, the walls and room are plain so the viewer may focus their complete attention on the art on display.

4. Your Physical Health Will Improve. 

 There was once a study conducted to find a link between blood pressure and the simple act of looking at a fish tank. It is common knowledge that high blood pressure is a strong indicator of developing cardiac disorders.

The control group were people who came into a medical clinic to have their blood pressure read after sitting in a plain waiting room for 10 minutes. The experimental group was told to look at a fish tank of colorful fish for 10 minutes before having their blood pressure read. The group who looked at the fish tank had significantly lower blood pressure than the control group!

You can harness these powers by simply rearranging your house and installing these items of positive energy.

5. You Will Be More Productive. 

You will feel good at the end of a hard days work knowing that your home is comfortable and will provide you with a strong source of positive energy.

If you are able to balance your home effectively, you will have a huge advantage over the majority of the world. You will be able to rest and manage your stress much more effectively, which will lead to more creativity and productivity in not only you but your family. You will see your children’s grades improve and will definitely notice that your work life is more productive. Working from home will be easy, as your distractions will have decreased and positive energy will be abundant.

6. You Will Sleep Better. 

Modern research has emphasized the significance of getting eight hours of sleep a night. In doing so your body will have gone through all of the necessary and regenerating stages of the sleep cycle.

Many of us experienced restless nights where many worries are coursing through our minds. These restless nights will decrease drastically if you balance your home, as a balanced home often leads to a balanced mind. If you home is balanced it will be much easier to leave the daily stressors at the door, or on the coat rack before you enter your home. A healthy sleep schedule will provide you with a whole new host of health benefits. Checkout this article we wrote that discusses the vital importance of sleep and the benefits that go along with maintaining a proper sleep schedule.

7. You Will Save the World. 

If you are able to declutter and balance your house, you will not only be minimizing your carbon footprint but will also be contributing to the collective human energy as well. If you are successful in balancing your home, you will inevitably influence others to do the same.

If more and more people begin understanding the importance of a balanced home, the knowledge will naturally flow outwards into our environment. This natural flow could reshape our towns and cities. This natural flow may even reshape the world as a whole. So balance your home! We can save the world!

It is easy to balance your home, you can start by getting rid of the things that don’t provide you with any benefit. You may even find that your wealth attraction begins at this stage, as you will find that some of your possessions are better transformed into the form of money. If you are interested in obtaining all of these benefits, you can start with this simple guide: beginner’s guide to balancing your home!

If you’ve experienced any positive effects from balancing your home, please share them below! We would love to hear from you :)

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