Voodoo Death

What you ingest through your eyes can be just as dangerous as what you ingest through your mouth. 

The mind is impressionable, and can be easily molded- and where the mind goes, the body goes. The power of the placebo effect has been well researched. The mind has an astonishing ability to heal itself, whether by intention or through deception. The magic of the placebo effect is vast, and healers have been harnessing its power for centuries.

The Kybalion (ancient Hermetic teachings) states (Law of Polarity) that each opposite is a part of the same whole. Cold and Hot are one and the same, as they are on the same pole. Light and Dark are the same, as they are different degrees of one another, as so are love and hate. The same is true for the placebo effect, it too has an opposite…

Voodoo Death. 

Voodoo Death is a term coined by “Walter Cannon in 1942. It is also known as psychogenic
death or psychosomatic death- the phenomenon of sudden death as brought about by a strong emotional shock, such as fear.”

An illustration of psychosomatic death can be seen in the “bone pointing ritual” conducted by the Australian aborigines. During this ritual, the shaman (kurdaitcha) casts a death spell on a follower by pointing a bone at them. In documented cases of bone pointing, no physiological cause of death could be found in the victims. These bone-pointing-deaths were psychosomatic, or in other words, completely caused by the victim’s (mind) belief. The victims, although not evidently sick, succumbed to death within five days after the ritual. 

Voodoo death can also differ in severity- and may not even be death at all. Voodoo death can also represent disease both physically and spiritually. 

What could happen if your reality is shaped by someone else?

The followers of the Kurdaitcha shamans truly believed that these shamans held the power over life and death. The victims’ strong and unquestioning belief in the shaman is what ultimately caused their deaths. The victims (of the bone pointing rituals) were also surrounded by their fellow tribesman, those of whom also believed in the powers of the Kurdaitcha. Collective belief gives more power to the “conductor of reality” (Kurdaitcha).

Modern day Kurdaitchas exist in many forms- although they are not always as obvious as an aborigine wearing a mask. 

Who shapes your reality?

For many, mainstream media shapes their version of reality. There is no question that media consumed through screens is powerful. Whether someone subscribes CNN’s version of reality, or infowars.com‘s, both can be equally as convincing. Plato’s allegory of the Cave is a great example of how powerful illusionary methods of mind control can be. This mind control becomes even more powerful when their views are amplified by a collective group. This method of mind control is at its utmost effective peak when it can control people psychosomatically, as in the case of the Kurdaitcha. 

Why you Should avoid Kurdaitchas, and How. 

If you are a free-thinker, why should you let a Kurdaitcha create your world-view for you? This does not mean you can’t engage with modern day Kurdaitchas, but it’s good to recognize them for what they are, so they can’t trap you. A Kurdaitcha loses a significant amount of power as soon as they are identified for for what they are, which is why they don’t want this type of knowledge circulating.

Kurdaitchas use the following tactics to trap people:

1. Manifesting Fear
Kurdaitchas use fear tactics which attempt to threaten you do prescribe to only their version of reality. Only they know what is coming next, and you must tune in to see what will happen. 

2. An illusion of “Supreme” Knowledge
Kurdaitchas will always try to hold a superior position- this is why medical versions of the kurdaitcha are powerful, as in the original case, where a Kurdaitcha is also a healer. 

3. Ability to perform miracles 
Psychosomatic miracles and a great way that Kurdaitchas can instill faith in their followers. The more collective-faith a following has in a Kurdaitcha, the more powerful it becomes. 

4. Holds the Solution to Fear
If a Kurdaitcha holds the key to salvation from the fear they have created, followers are more likely to fall deeper into the illusion.

In order to break free form Kurdaitcha control, you need to recognize their tricks and positions in society. Once you see them for who they are, you can break free and work on creating your own version of reality- and sharing your beautiful version of reality with others. It is your obligation as a free-thinker to counter their control.

Voodoo Death and its relation to the Kurdaitcha 

If you do fall under the control of a Kurdaitcha, you may experience stress and fear. Stress and fear both release hormones into your body such as cortisol, which can cause physiological damage to your body. The Kurdaitcha creates stress and fear in order to manipulate you into conforming to their belief system. This is a basic primal drive to survive, that many world leaders throughout history have used to gain influence over others. Free thinking and healthy skepticism diminish the power of the Kurdaitcha and provide a clearer, more peaceful mindset to make decisions.

In today’s time, we are often subjected to new versions of reality through our screens. If you find that these forms of media are causing you stress, it is best to discontinue ingesting that form of media.

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