Pandemic Poems


mid-july, 2020
covid journal entry

i live in the comfort and confinement 
        of my childhood bedroom
        and i don’t know what age i am

    i open my laptop,
        click ‘Zoom’
        and i am at work,
            at school

    i cling to my family
        as we fight over quiet spaces
            over bandwidth

    i sanitize every box of crackers i bring home from the grocery store
        like my life depends on this

    i have nowhere to go 
        but i put on my brightest clothes, 
            and call a friend
                to reclaim some life

    mornings are quiet,
        there is always a small dog
        nestled in the covers at my side

August 22, 2020
isa posner gave me hope
(text message transcript)

“…How are you doing?”

“…Well. School started 
up and Im cranking it!
keeping my spirits up…”

“Glad to hear…
I’ve been up and down,
trying to process all the 
crazy stuff… with 
pandemic, protests,
politics, etc. What’s 
your secret for keeping 
spirits up?…”

“My secret is I know I 
cannot do anything
about huge international
black cloud so I keep my
ears and eyes open to
the storm but I keep my
focus on enlarging and
brightening the silver

By Olivia Consterdine, ©2020
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3 thoughts on “Pandemic Poems

  1. I really enjoyed this! Definitely must keep our eyes on the silver lining always! God has a plan if we trust Him in all things. I like the addition of a dialogue within the poem and how personal it feels. It makes me feel like I’m basically reading your journal and inner thoughts. Great job!

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