A woman named forever
sat on the porch
watching her children play.

Each one was more beautiful than the last.

Friend was water,
the majesty of seasons,
sheafs of wheat,
stomachs bound with truth.

Lover was gold beneath the abyss,
eye of newt in clouds,
flattened rage, and shiver
in a single thunderbolt.

Child, and her depth,
her boundless hour,
had no name.

Forever felt a pang of regret.
All three
so much like their father,
destined to run.

But on this day
no more than the sound of
tires in the driveway,
and the children
ran inside to greet him.

The heart of forever
still swooned
into the
the hero
the soul
the nothingness
the god of god of god.

By Bracelet, ©2020
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