Glad you found me! My name is Alec.

The Arts of Thought began forming in my mind shortly after graduating with bachelor’s degree in psychology. I was hooked by psychology ever since my first class, “Theories of Personality.” I quickly switched majors from history to psychology, and fell in love.

Psychology provided me with new words and maps to navigate my inner-world, as well as the inner-world’s of others. Suddenly, all of the things I had been noticing and feeling began making sense, and I began feeling far less distant from others.

These “sparks of realization” are something that I hold dear, and live for. Arts of Thought is not only a way that I can continuously learn, but it’s a way to give these “sparks of realization” to others.

I am naturally curious and open minded when it comes to both matters of the mind and of the spirit. This essence is what composes Arts of Thought. Not only do we get to learn from interesting thinkers from around the planet, we also get to hear from many different perspectives. In this, we are able to make connections, and uncover common threads in different ideas and belief systems.

When ideas are not held judgement, whole new worlds of possibility can awaken.

If you would like to connect with me, please reach out on the contact us page, or you can visit me on LinkedIn! I would love to get to know you.

Many blessings,