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Welcome to Arts of Thought! We are grateful that destiny has led you here. Below, you will find a quick guide that will help you get acquainted with your new community.

Step 1: Become Aware of Arts of Thought’s Features

  • Arts of Thought is constantly striving to share the work of great thinkers around our planet. If you would like to submit your work, or recommend someone you’re interested in learning from, please Contact Us. This is not only a great marketing tool, it allows us to work together in inspiring and educating people from around the world.
  • Arts of Thought is now hosting Live, Online Events. These events are open to anyone with a desire to teach, or share their knowledge with a live-online audience. If you are interested in presenting, please Contact Us. These events are a great way to share knowledge and meet amazing people.
  • Arts of Thought was founded by a poet, and will always remain supportive of poets around the word. If you are a poet, feel free to submit your poetry on the contact us page. Also, feel free to checkout the exclusive Arts of Thought Poetry Gallery.

 Step 2: Join the Community

This is how you will gain access to freshly released articles, new events and access to the abundance of knowledge that Arts of Thought has to offer. Subscriptions are FREE, and always will be. You can sign up below (If you haven’t already)!

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 Step 3: Tell us About Yourself

Since Arts of Thought’s mission is to share knowledge, we really enjoy getting to know our community. If you have recently signed up, please say hi! Share your background, how you found us, what’s going on in your life, or where you’re from! We can provide advice, help you market your work, discuss the problems you’re facing in life or even help you with homework! Whatever the case may be, Arts of Thought is here for you.

Step 4: Checkout Arts of Thought’s Top 5 Most Shared Articles of 2019