Regina Rhythm

Regina is a Spanish singer songwriter, percussionist and medicine woman based in London. Harnessing music as the divine language to unite the community under one heart beat through the power of the drum. 

Expressed through a myriad of practices including drumming, dancing, singing along with influences from her travels across the globe including teachings form her travels in Africa, South America and Asia. Weaving rhythms, hypnotic melodies and mantric chants with her flamenco roots. She’s deeply connected with tribal cultures and the wisdom of the elders, the essence of the ancient wisdom and the importance of ritual and ceremony. Her inspiration is to share her work as a way to touch people’s hearts and deliver a message of unity and peace to uplift the love and liberate the spirit.

She has shared her medicine music for the last 20 years creating a community connected to nature and ceremony here in London and internationally. In the last years she has play along her fellow musicians friends Deva Premal and Miten, Manose, Jai Uttal, Jahnavi Harrison, Sam Garrett, Sivani Mata and Nikki Slade to name some. Author Photo Credit: Amy Hart

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