Imi Lo, Mental Health Professional

Imi Lo is a consultant for emotionally intense and highly sensitive people. She is the author of Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity, available in multiple languages; and The Gift of Intensity. Imi focuses on working with emotional intensity, high sensitivity and giftedness.

Imi has trained in mental health, psychotherapy, art therapy, philosophical counselling, and mindfulness-based modalities. She has lived in different countries and has worked in hospitals, schools, and community mental health teams. As a coach, she works holistically, combining Eastern and Western philosophies with psychological and spiritual healing modalities such as Buddhism. Imi’s credentials include a Master in Mental Health, Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work, Certificate in Logic-based Therapy, and an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy. Imi is the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards including the Endeavour Award by the Australian Government. She has been consulted by and appeared in publications such as The Psychologies Magazine, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, and The Daily Mail. She is the founder of Eggshell Consulting, working with intense people from around the world.


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