Hide Your Light Away

Stepping into the ether
an effervescent radiance
of the unknown

a calling for something higher
a hero’s journey
into alignment

though here in this place,
this place
so very few

the dark becomes the “other”
and wants to snuff it out
this light,
this sacred light
you shine

soulful mentality
with serpent like wisdom
you venture forth
keeping guarded
your sacred light

ah, the demons,
the innocent monsters
of their native land
the dark

something irritates them
when this light shines
it needs to be killed,
put to sleep
and made like the dark

my friend,
if you feel this light
I am with you
until the end
follow it,
listen to it
for she
will guide you

into some higher form,
a more tuned in
nonsense to some
though pure truth
to us

listen close,
she whispers as a friend
and sometimes screams
when you’re in danger

drop deeper into the essence
the bless’ed calling
of all God’s people
people of the light,
people with a calling

carry on, for in the end is death
and it is the same for all
though don’t let death
stop you

By IrieSide, ©2023

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